WATCH: Father Films His Baby Every Day for a Year

A heartwarming glimpse of a child's growth during his first year of life

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Parents often recount how fast their children grow, but few have had the patience to document every single day of their newborn’s life. English photographer and video blogger Sam Cornwell was able to capture his son Indigo’s growth through a montage of one-second iPhone clips shot every single day during the infant’s first year. Using more than 1,200 video clips, Cornwall spent two weeks editing his son’s journey through the world, filming the baby from lying in the hospital bed to taking his first steps. Uploaded on July 12, the video has already been viewed more than 286,000 times.

The blogger said he was inspired by artist Cesar Kuriyama‘s One Second Everyday project, The Telegraph reports, but the video resembles another parent’s quest to catalogue his daughter’s life. Dutch artist, filmmaker and photographer Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter everyday from her birth through age 13, weaving together a three-minute time-lapse video that he released in 2012. Cornwell and his wife said they’ve made a habit out of filming their son and plan to continue doing so. They’re unsure if they’ll publish anymore videos, but perhaps Hofmeester’s project might be a new source of inspiration.


Omg.. Is it sad that I cried so hard while laughing through this whole thing.. Your the best dad in the world.


A friend lived in Washington DC and her aging father, who could not travel, lived in Illinois. She videotaped her child every day and, when the tape was full (this was years ago), sent it to her father. He felt like he really knew the child. Only problem, the child called the camera "grampy."

DavidSpark 1 Like

I have actually been doing this with my son for quite some time. I've actually been shooting a video a day of my son since the day he's been born, compiled similar videos like this, and he's now more than three years old. I've yet to miss a day. It's actually not that hard to do. The trick is good planning and using the right tools. If you don't plan and have the right tools you'll create a monstrous problem for yourself, it will become far too difficult, and you'll give up. For example, I own nine video cameras, four of them being HD Flip cameras and that's what I use to shoot videos of my son. I wouldn't use my phone because it's far too complex to get video off of it. If you want to do it yourself, which I HIGHLY recommend, I actually wrote a two-part article on how to do it. It's really not that difficult. It's unbelievably rewarding.


@DavidSpark I really, really hope that your comment is intended to be needle-sharp satire on the ridiculousness of  helicopter parents in the modern world who feel compelled to document each and every step of their precious progeny because no other child has ever done exactly the same thing, coupled with ridiculous self important techno-babel about multiple pieces of electronic equipment followed by the supposedly self effacing confession that a simple piece of everyday technology - let's just say a phone - is too complex a piece of equipment to use for the simple act of taking video, because plugging in a USB cable in order to transfer video onto a computer is just beyond the reach of the everyday person, but the other nine video cameras are totally necessary, as is a two part series on taking a picture, all of which is intended to subtly highlight just how super-awesome the helicopter parent is so everyone looks at him, all the while pretending that this is all about the miracle of life that occurs everyday billions of times.

And no, that's not a run on sentence.

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Love the video.  It reminds me of the movie "The Truman Show" where the audience see the main character grow up, and evolve.  I love the ending of the video when Indigo fell down behind the log but got back up and planted his candle.


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Loved the son was born on the 9th of July and its funny how I could relate to every step of the video. I also noticed a lot of identical clothing in the video :) Coincidence....but there is a connection somewhere.

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Had a great patience with love for making this video .