WATCH: Digg Founder Kevin Rose Throws Raccoon Down Flight of Stairs

All for the love of his pup, Toaster

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What would you do to protect your dog? The answer to that question for Kevin Rose is: Toss a wild raccoon down a flight of stairs.

The Digg founder and Google Ventures partner heard his dog, Toaster, yelping in pain in the middle of the night and rushed to his aid. What he discovered was a wrestling match between his pup and a feral raccoon. Rose grabbed the raccoon off of his dog and chucked it down a nearby flight of stairs. The entire tussle was caught on security footage, which Rose, being one of the founders of a site responsible for making videos go viral, released to the public.

In the video, Rose makes it clear that he is opposed to violence against animals and was simply acting to protect his pet, who was okay despite a few claw and bite marks. While the fate of the raccoon is not known, a parody Twitter account has been established in the raccoon’s honor:

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