Syrian Rebels Ban Croissants in Aleppo

The fatwa is based on a legend surrounding the pastry's origins

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Croissants may look harmless, but a sharia committee overseeing a rebel-held area of Aleppo thinks otherwise. The judicial committee, Hayaa al-Sharia, banned Syrians from consuming the flaky pastries earlier this week. The committee isn’t taking a page out of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s book and banning croissants for their impressive calorie count, however — the committee announced that the moon-shaped pastry “celebrates European victory over Muslims,” Al Arabiya reported. Syria was a French colony until the mid-twentieth century.

The fatwa against croissants, which aren’t likely to be abundant in the war-torn city anyway, is part of a growing trend of extremism in rebel groups. Recently, one rebel group controlling a part of Aleppo executed a 14-year-old boy for using the Prophet Muhammed’s name in vain. An Aleppo-based rebel group has also issued fatwas warning women not to wear make-up or tight clothing in public. Syrians typically follow a moderate interpretation of Islam, so the extremists who have begun to exercise power throughout some rebel-controlled areas have enraged many residents.

The ban on croissants likely stems from the legend that the pastry was invented in Budapest to celebrate repelling a Turkish invasion. Many food historians have debuked the veracity of the legend, and it’s the French, not the Hungarians, that once controlled Syria. Despite the dubious origin of the croissant ban, no one seems to have stepped forward to deliver an au contraire to the extremist sharia court.

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Another one for islam's ridiculist!

The "croissant" is also islam's symbol on most of their flags together with the planet Venus.   

GeorgeClymer 1 Like

Religion... a complete farce.  Wrong on everything for 10,000 years.  Yet we subsidize its homophobia, misogyny, n preaching medæval dogma with our property taxes.  TAX CHURCHES NOW!!!


@GeorgeClymer I agree George, lots of people in the nation would like something as evil as in the middle east..  

minichrt1 2 Like

Throwing dictators out of any and all of the muslim countries has backfired in just about every instance it seems. They seem to do better with these aholes in charge, I think we might be backing the wrong aholes in syria, egypt, iraq and jsut about every other place that people bang their heads on the ground numerous times a day. They (these countries) are not worth one drop of American blood or one cent of our money.

tigerexile 1 Like

this friday, it's pulled pork on croissant for me!   As a devout and pious anti-fundamentalist, these things are starting to pile up on me,  taking up a bad habit for lent, eating all day during ramadan, etc.  but i won't give up.   

tigerexile 1 Like

i hope we do not send another dime to these fools.   is it better to be ruled by a corrupt dictator or idiotiic theocrats?   They are both useless to the world and they, and all who support them, deserve nothing good.

cpc65 1 Like

"the committee announced that the moon-shaped pastry “celebrates European victory over Muslims,” - Yeah, and don't you forget it! And here's a couple of moon pies while we're at it. 

tigerexile 2 Like

stupid, stupid, stupid.   not worthy of any support

DanBruce 1 Like

The Sharia authorities in Syria should contact the House GOP members. I'm sure they have a warehouse full of unused Freedom Fries that they would be glad to share with them as a show of support. After all, Sharia Law and the GOP platform have a lot in common, at least in tone if not in word.

TomAdams1 1 Like

@DanBruce The GOP and the rebels may have different beliefs but they are both stupid. 

b9968131 1 Like

Assad Yes, Al Qaidaa extremist Islam fundamenatlist NO

mcjl0 2 Like

kinda like when the u.s. called french fries, freedom fries and they didn't want to eat them....

anotherJulie 2 Like

Well good.  More croissants for the rest of us then.

abnerq 2 Like

amend: let's ask Johnny Come Marching Home McCain if he really thinks we should be arming these sharia clowns?

abnerq 2 Like

are we sure we want to arm these clowns?

tassiloVON 2 Like

As far as I know, the croissant was created by the Viennese following the break of the Ottoman siege of that city in 1683. In France these pastries are frequently called the Viennoise.

I guess the rebels feel that Muslims are totally within their rights to attack us anytime, anywhere, but we are not allowed to defend ourselves.



Syrian Rebels means syrian satan. Mostly Muslim leaders are going to suck legs up the world’s powerful leaders when they meet with political problem, Then media says “they are a very good Muslim of peach”.
Quran 3:150 “ Allah is your protector, and He is the best of helpers”.
Quran 2:107 “Do you not know that to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and [that] you have not besides Allah any protector or any helper?”
Quran 5:51 O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.

Openminded1 1 Like

@azmalhome The FBI will keep close tabs on you , thank god, if you hate america there are airplanes to take you back to the homeland and Allah.


That is pure madness, the new Syrian government needs to isolate themselves from those Islamist, they are stupid. The U.S. needs to send arms and supply to non Muslims and there should be a separation between the Islamist and normal intelligent people.


How do you know that "Syrians typically follow a moderate interpretation of Islam", Claire? Can you offer any evidence to back up this claim?

Openminded1 1 Like

What morons. religious bull crap no wonder no one takes them serious.

eetom 1 Like

If you live in the area under their control, you will be wise to take all their announcements seriously no matter how ridiculous they may appear.


@eetom Yes I hear your vail threat and i am aware of there violent ways, but they are still religious fanatics who will never move forward because of there beliefs. And I love french pastries with a good cup of coffee and I do not care what shape the pastry is. morons.