Tumblr of the Week: Peanuts Comic Strips With Smiths Lyrics

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Courtesy of Lauren LoPrete

Nobody knows melancholy quite like former Smiths frontman Morrissey. Except, perhaps, for Charlie Brown. And since we all know misery loves company, why not put the two together?

That’s more or less the premise behind our favorite new Tumblr, This Charming Charlie. The blog takes old Peanuts comics, illustrated by Charles Schulz, and pairs them with angsty, poignant lyrics from old Smiths songs written by Morrissey. It may sound ridiculous, but some of the resulting comic strips actually make a strange amount of sense.

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California-based graphic designer Lauren LoPrete launched the project earlier this month, inspired by a 1986 Smiths concert poster. Charlie Brown is of course the star here, but the rest of the Peanuts gang — from Snoopy to Lucy to Linus — get the Morrissey treatment too. See more of our favorite strips:

Picture 3

Courtesy of Lauren LoPrete

Picture 4

Courtesy of Lauren LoPrete

Picture 5

Courtesy of Lauren LoPrete

Picture 6

Courtesy of Lauren LoPrete