Three Tiny Albino Hedgehogs Named After the Royal Baby

Because why not?

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Alexander Zemlianichenko Jr / AP

Okay, so, we get it. Everyone got really excited about the birth of the royal baby last month. Especially the zookeepers at a Moscow petting zoo who named three little albino hedgehogs after him. They were born on July 22 — the same day as Prince George of Cambridge himself. And so, in his royal honor, the tiny little creatures were named George, Alexander and Louis, the BBC reports. (Those are technically all his first names.)

Last week, when they turned one month old, the rare hedgehogs moved into their new home at Moscow’s All-Russia Exhibition Center, the AP reports.  The trio now resides in a miniature wooden castle, complete with velvet curtains and a plush bed. They even got to walk down a luxurious red carpet on their first day in the new residence.


Whitney Saldava / AP

Albino hedgehog babies sit on a red carpet in front of their new home in a private zoo in Moscow, Russia.

Zoo spokeswoman Yevgeniya Polonskaya told the AP that they hope Prince George would one day visit his namesakes, and they already “have a couple of invitations set aside for him.”

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