Survey: Surgeons Are The Most Attractive Doctors

And only 6% of women would date a shrink

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Jochen Sands / Getty Images

Medical school students everywhere take note: if you want a date to go with your degree, it pays to be a surgeon.

According to a survey conducted by, a dating website “for singles in uniform & for those who like them,” surgeons are the most attractive type of doctor. Out of 1,000 men and women polled, 36% of women and 26% of men picked surgeons as the most datable  genera of medical professional. Second place went to pediatricians, who received votes from 28% of women and 23% of men.

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So why did surgeons take the top spot? Respondents believed most are practically minded, possess a high IQ, and can remain calm in difficult situations. The fact that surgeons are likely to be “good with their hands” was cited as an additional plus.

There’s even good news for doctors in other fields. While the slice-n-dice types may be seen as the most dateable, a full 89% of those surveyed answered “Hell Yes” when asked if they found doctors in general attractive. According to UniformDating, 41% of men have even flirted with a doctor while in the process of being treated for an injury or illness (women reported doing the same roughly half as often). That’s some serious commitment by doctor-lovers out there.

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Unfortunately for psychiatrists, this sentiment does not extend equally to everyone in the medical profession. Only 6% of women and 10% men said they would most like to date a shrink, perhaps fearing that dinner and a movie might feel more like a few hours on Sigmund Freud’s couch.

Before those without an M.D. despair, the survey also offers some dating clues that might be more generally applicable.

UniformDating speculates that “there must be something about that plain, white coat that makes [women] look capable and in command.” Maybe you can’t replace a kidney, but who’s to say you can’t wear a white coat to the office in order to benefit from this love of lab regalia? You’ll just have to hope no one asks for medical advice or things could get awkward.

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I found that the people in my medical school class who wanted to be surgeons were very cut throat and highly competitive people who were generally not very nice. The nicest most caring students became Pediatricians, Family Medicine doctors and Psychiatrists. Psychiatrists were by far the most caring, understanding, highly intelligent thinkers with a lot of patience for others and really cared about their patients and fellow medical students and residents. People think Psychiatrists are always trying to "analyze" them but, in general the regular everyday person does not even really understand what a Psychiatrist does every day while they are working. Believe me, we do not want to always "be working" and why would we want to analyze everyone we meet and not get paid for it.  

Dr. Mensa


Anatomy makes surgeon not reciprocate the flirtations. Men in uniform are just attractive.....


surgeons guide themselves not by what they see, but by the knowledge of anatomy


At any rate, this is proof that attraction is not purely aesthetic. Because last time I checked, looks had nothing to do with a person's ability to handle stressful situations. Surgeons are admired and psychiatrists generally aren't, and both of these are based upon preconceived notions. 

On the flipside, I have to say that the matter of "good hands" is no myth, and perhaps in a profession where one's hands are well-proportioned, the rest of the body is as well proportioned.


@Doc_Megz_to_be Psychiatrists are indeed highly respected physicians. There are always  practitioners in any specialty that may be giving their specialty a  bad name, but word gets around on who they are fairly quickly. I believe all physicians in training learn to handle all sorts of highly stressful situations so that they end up as highly competent physicians. As you know, not just anyone can become a physician and I feel anyone who can withstand that many years of hard work, delayed gratification and stressful educational experiences has earned the respect they deserve. You are right about preconceived notions. A Psychiatrist goes through as many years or more of training as a general surgeon does which most people don't even realize.

The head of the AMA currently is a Psychiatrist.