This a Cappella Version of the Tetris Theme Song is Oddly Entrancing

Sorry if the tune gets stuck in your head

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Smooth McGroove has carved out a very specific niche for himself on YouTube by performing a cappella covers of classic video game theme songs. His latest installment — an expressive version of the Tetris theme — just might be his best yet. McGroove — whose real name is Max Gleason — recorded all the parts himself and stitched them together for a result that will make you want to bust out your old Game Boy and lose yourself in the hypnotic world of Tetris.

Bonus fun fact: the Tetris theme song is a version of the 19th century Russian folk tune Korobeiniki. Listen about 20 seconds in and prepare to be amazed:

Watch some of McGroove’s previous covers,  which include everything from the Mario Kart Rainbow Road theme to the Zelda theme — here.

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" Just may be his best yet"?

Ok, ALL of Smooth's remixes are amazing, but I get the feeling this is his "best yet" because it's the only game the article's author has actually played (though it's not the worst either).

This is a great introduction to tie it to something the Boomers and early Xers would know, but stopping here would rob you of listening to Smooth perform the more complex, smooth, energetic, artful, and simply better songs video games have added to the world.


This guy knows that it's about. Nostalgia Gaming Reflects on a part of us that values so much more than we value right now.