This a Cappella Version of the Tetris Theme Song is Oddly Entrancing

Sorry if the tune gets stuck in your head

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Smooth McGroove has carved out a very specific niche for himself on YouTube by performing a cappella covers of classic video game theme songs. His latest installment — an expressive version of the Tetris theme — just might be his best yet. McGroove — whose real name is Max Gleason — recorded all the parts himself and stitched them together for a result that will make you want to bust out your old Game Boy and lose yourself in the hypnotic world of Tetris.

Bonus fun fact: the Tetris theme song is a version of the 19th century Russian folk tune Korobeiniki. Listen about 20 seconds in and prepare to be amazed:

Watch some of McGroove’s previous covers,  which include everything from the Mario Kart Rainbow Road theme to the Zelda theme — here.

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