WATCH: Student Pranks Classmates on First Day of College

Crushing medical school dreams in an introductory chemistry course at the University of Rochester

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University of Rochester’s freshmen Chemistry 131 class kicked off the school year with an exciting start when a member of the college’s prank troupe, The Chamber Boys, convinced the lecture room full of eager students that more than half would fail the class, and only a handful would have a shot at medical school. Patrick Adelman arrived in class a few minutes before the real professor, Benjamin Hafensteiner, and instructed the class to turn off cell phones and put away laptops as he intimidated the new crop of undergrads into anticipating failure. Only when the real “Dr. H.” appeared did students catch on to the prank.

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seems like a great teacher.on that uses various means to engage students  and make self discovery, humor, and innovation to get results Contrary to the political drive to privatize , to destroy public education, and ignore poverty (the primary determinant of failure)  Exceptional teachers are driven out by the brain child of the Bush family whose policies have caused misery and no exit out.