Kid Shaming: 6 Grownups Who Publicly Humiliated Their Offspring

From street corners to social media, the extreme tactic is undeniably having a moment

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A California mom made headlines this week when she made her 11-year old daughter wear a sign on a street corner for twerking at a school dance “without permission.”

But Frances Hena isn’t the only parent to take discipline to the streets. Here are 5 other parents who tried to humiliate their kids towards the straight and narrow:

Kelly Howell of Batavia, NY made her 8-year old son stand outside with a sign confessing to stealing from his parents.

Tre’zahn Blaha‘s uncle made him wear a sign that read “I like to steal and I have no respect for my mother or authority” after he was suspended from school.

Bob Higgins made his stepson Jimmy hold a sign confessing to “cussing out a teacher.”

This military mom made her daughter Taya stand outside a department store with a sign after she was suspended from school five times and stole from a department store.

But if all else fails,  you can always shoot your daughter’s laptop like this dad

… then post the video on her Facebook.

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When my daughter was 5 yrs. old, i made her wear a sign about lying....she never lied again.  There are alternatives to spanking that actually work.  The importance of trust and telling the truth will not be any kind of results if you spank.  My children kept saying 'they forgot'  so guess what?  Write it down 500 times, then you should remember it for next time.