Bid to Cross Atlantic by Party Balloon Fails After 12 Hours

Some are saying the stunt was straight out of the movie 'Up'

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Mark McBreairty / AP

In this photo provided by Mark McBreairty, a balloon cluster carrying Jonathan Trappe lifts off from Caribou, Maine, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013.

A North Carolina man attempting to complete the first trans-Atlantic flight held aloft by tethered party balloons made it 12 hours before being forced down on the Canadian coast.

Representatives for Jonathan Trappe said a technical problem cut short the journey and he stayed put overnight in a remote area in Newfoundland, CBS reports.

The 39-year-old IT consultant was expecting to fly for up to 6 days in his makeshift hot air balloon: 300 colorful helium-filled balloons carrying him in a life boat that he could use in case of trouble over the ocean. His team expected wind currents to bring him to Norway—or northern Africa.

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Once upon a time when I was about seven, I decided to parachute from the barn with a couple of bedsheets as a parachute.

It didn't end well.

When I heard about this story yesterday, I flashed back to the barn, the too-rapidly approaching ground and the pain and figured this guy's idea had about the same chances of glorious success as my amateurish and childish attempt at being a paratrooper at the age of seven.  I grew out of those kinds of things, spurred on by a weather knee and a slight limp when I'm not paying attention to my gait.  Althought I'm glad he didn't suffer any serious injuries, one will hope it won't take serious physical injury to convince this guy that his idea was ill conceived at best...