Hunger Games Spoof “Kvetching Fire” Is The Hottest Video of Kol Nidre

Don't get caught streaming in temple

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“Kvetching Fire” is the perfect fasting flick. Made by USC grads and featuring spot-on performances by A-List lookalikes, the “Catching Fire” spoof is great for distracting yourself from Yom Kippur hunger pangs.

Jon Rudnitsky, who came up with the idea and co-wrote it with fellow “members of the tribe,” said, “the new movie’s coming out, everyone’s bugging about that, and Yom Kippur’s this week so I thought it would be a fun thing to make.

Rudnitsky says he’s surprised and flattered that the video has a wider audience than just his mom. “Whether it be Jews, non-Jews, or Hunger Games fans, I’m just happy people are watching and laughing.”

Stop thinking about popcorn.