Nebraska Cop Arrested for Stealing a Police Car

The 40-year-old officer was reportedly still in uniform and armed at the time of his arrest

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Siede Preis / Getty Images

It’s not uncommon for police to be involved in a car chase, but it is out of the ordinary for the person being chased to be a police officer.

On Saturday, police in North Platte, Neb., arrested Stanly Colby, 40, an officer who works in nearby Fairbury, the North Platte Bulletin reported. At about 6:40 p.m. Fairbury police chief Chad Sprunk notified sheriffs in Lincoln County that a stolen cruiser from Fairbury was being driven by Colby, who was reportedly distraught, armed and still in uniform. When he was spotted on I-80, deputy sheriffs and state police gave chase, even going as far as laying down spike strips to stop him, which Colby avoided.

Colby was eventually stopped and taken into custody without incident, officials say. It is still unknown why Colby allegedly stole the cruiser. He was booked and charged with possession of stolen property with a $50,000 bond set.

The incident is the second high-profile crime reported in the past week, involving stealing from one’s own job. Last week, a manager at a California McDonald’s was arrested for robbing two stores, one of which he managed.

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