Drop the Mic: Reporter Makes 43 Rap References in One Newscast

Watch and see if you can spot them all

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Louisville sportscaster Adam Lefkoe has made a name for himself not only for his sports reporting, but for his incredible ability to seamlessly incorporate pop culture references into his broadcasts. On a recent Sunday night sportscast, the WHAS 11 reporter decided to shake things up a bit.

On September 1st, Lefkoe was able to squeeze the names of 31 professional wrestlers into his report, after crowdsourcing them on Twitter. A week later he managed to add 41 references gleaned from 90s hit comedy, Seinfeld, to his broadcast. To top those impressive feats, Lefkoe put out the call on Twitter:

The results of the crowd-sourced references were woven into his report and Lefkoe managed to drop 43 of them in a single, five-minute broadcast. Lefkoe’s so-called “RapCast” made shout-outs to old school legends like Tupac, A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, Wu-Tang Clan, Ludacris, DMX, Jay Z, Rakim, The Fresh Prince, Beastie Boys and even Skee-lo. It will be hard for the reporter to top this one.

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