New Mexico Tells Teens to Text Sex Questions

Too shy to ask your parents about sex? Text your questions instead

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A new service provided by the New Mexico Health Department allows teens to text their sex questions when they don’t feel comfortable asking someone in person. But who’s on the other end of that text?


Ditto - this is progress! 

Aside from the impact of New Mexico's initiative, this is also representative of our society's changing communication expectations. Just as ATM's are now something we expect as an obvious tool provided by our banks, we've entered an era where it's becoming unacceptable for an organization or business to not accept and respond to text messages. 

For as little as $20 a month any business can be text-enabled, without programming or coding a thing. Offer intelligent automated responses to your customers via text-message (instead of or in addition to phone-trees), or text-to-chat-live-support. Learn how at 


Now this is progress. Back in the day when I was a student at UNM, we went ahead and had sex then asked questions... Or lit up.

New Mexico, New Mexico, New Mexico! Go!