Zapping Those Pesky Breaking Bad Spoilers

The new service from Netflix filters out tweets mentioning the show -- so you can catch up on past episodes at your own pace

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Breaking Bad actors Aaron Paul (left) and Bryan Cranston

Too busy watching the Emmys last night to watch Breaking Bad and fearing Twitter will spoil it all?

You’re in luck. Netflix just launched, a website that filters out any Breaking Bad tweets from Twitter feeds. The service builds on a site Netflix hosts for U.K. fans, who watch the show hours after its initial U.S. airing. The streaming service airs new Breaking Bad episodes in the U.K., where lucky viewers will gain access to the season finale directly after it airs. Americans, on the other hand, will have to wait for the iTunes download.

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But in an effort to help fans navigate the burden of Internet, logs into Twitter and automatically blacks out any tweets referring to the show. Users can opt to click through and see the tweet or blissfully carry on without fear of reading any revealing details.