Hey Bro, You Can Now Roll Smokes with 24-Karat Gold

"Put 24K in your ashtray."

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An entrepreneur is looking to strike gold with 24K gold rolling papers, a smoking method lovingly crafted for the more discerning pothead.

The line, produced by Shine Papers, is made from edible gold leaf and interior paper and is supposedly for use solely with cigars or “legal smoking herbs,” which, haha sure. Manufactured in Charleston, South Carolina, and Las Vegas by a guy who only went by “Dave D.” in a recent ABC News profile, the product costs between $55 and $60, depending on whether you buy it from its official website or Amazon.

By comparison, a three-pack of normal rolling papers can cost as little as $5.50 cents, so it’s clearly a swag twist on the more economical practice of hand-rolling cigarettes. For double the gold dose and an instant flashback to freshman year of college, just add a glass of Goldschläger to the mix.

One Amazon reviewer wrote that Shine Papers’ invention was “cool” and fun to use, but noted “Its more like a novelty item. They taste funny and its hard to roll with them, even using a cigarette roller.” Another busted into rhyme to express Shine Papers’ shortcomings: “You see its pure gold / So its tough to get the glue to hold.”

While edible gold leaf has generally been considered safe for human consumption because it passes through the digestive tract without getting absorbed into the body, the question may be whether smoking it causes any additional harm. Though, to be fair, gold can’t be any worse than all the chemicals typically hidden in “legal smoking herbs.”

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