U.S. Treasury Reimburses Man for $500 in Cash That His Dog Ate

In a dog-eat-dog world, a golden retriever pounced on the big bucks

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One Montana pup landed himself in the doghouse because he ate $500 in cash that belonged to his owner.

According to the Helena’s Independent Record, graphic artist Wayne Klinkel and his wife were on a road trip to visit their daughter and her husband when they made a pit stop at a restaurant and left their golden retriever Sundance in the car. Turns out, while they were eating, their beloved pet had found the five $100 bills and a $1 bill hidden in one of the cubbyholes, and managed to scarf down four-and-a-half of the Benjamins, but left the $1 on top of the driver’s seat, proving that he has expensive taste.

For the rest of the vacation, Klinkel walked the dog with plastic gloves, hoping to retrieve as much of the bills as possible whenever the pup did its business. When he felt like he had enough fragments, he washed them, let them soak for a week, even “drained and rinsed the pieces, using a screen made for panning for sapphires.” Then he pieced them back together, put them in a plastic bag, and mailed the package to the Department of the Treasury on April 15 (Tax Day, incidentally). Klinkel was initially told that it could take up to two years to get the money back, but on Sep. 30, he received his $500 reimbursement check.

We’re happy for Klinkel, but if your dog ever does actually eat your homework, we don’t recommend presenting him or her with poo-stained homework tatters as evidence.

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