‘Bully’ Terrorizing Brooklyn Neighborhood Is Just Someone’s Pet Cat

A mysterious cat is terrorizing Park Slope, attacking other cats and hissing at residents

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Michel de Nijs

Most neighborhoods have their share of bullies, from insult-wielding middle schoolers to raucous teens. But for Park Slope, a family-friendly area of Brooklyn, the neighborhood bully is of a different species: it’s someone’s pet cat.

DNA Info reports that a dark grey cat has been roaming the streets, terrorizing fellow felines and people alike. At least two cats the have been injured by its rough behavior.

The mystery cat dons a small collar with a bell, leading residents to believe it’s not just a particularly nasty stray, but in fact someone’s pet. One Park Sloper named Patricia, whose own cat was a victim of the bully’s attacks, is so fed up with the cat’s bad-itude that she’s hung signs in the area hoping to track down its unknown owner.

Not everybody is taking the feline bully seriously, though. Patricia told DNA Info she caught a neighbor mocking her by performing a dramatic reading of one of her flyers. Sounds like the cat isn’t the only bully in Park Slope.