All Cats in Wheelchairs Must Be on a Leash

Pooh Bear the cat is at odds with the law

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It’s the law! At least in Melbourne, Fla., where a woman who let her dog and walking-impaired cat roam free was slapped with more than $200 in fines Tuesday.

“We have someone that just is not getting the fact that you have to be in control of your animal when it’s off your property,” Capt. Bob Brown of the Brevard County Animal Services told Orlando’s

Thing is, Pooh Bear the cat is not going far: his back legs don’t work, so owner Yvonne Steel has provided him with a pair of wheels that let him shuffle about and get some exercise.

Poor Pooh Bear.



My 4 pound yorkie poo just got $125 off leash ticket for walking in the park off leash in Eugene Oregon. I didn't think it could be worse than the ridiculousness of that, but this poor kitty and its owner get first prize for keystone cop ridiculousness. Really cops? Really? Isn't there something more important to protect us from than an off leash kitty or a 4 pound yorkie trying to enjoy life?

If I take my little Dinky Doodlebug to a dog park, she is mistaken for a squirrel and dogs try to eat her. If I walk her in the city and let her off leash for a run at the park, I could get a ticket. Even though I understand that out of control animals can be a problem, it just seems so ridiculous.  As Dustin Hoffman said in Little Big Man, "sometimes the world is just too crazy to bother to go on living!"


thank God for her owner doing whatever she can do for her cat and How stupid are the officers Do they really think she is not in control of her Cat? Get REAL officers


Stupid laws  enforced by even more stupid officers .... )-