Lazy Tea Drinkers Will Soon Be Able to Boil Water With Their iPhone

The Internet of Things is allowing us to reach unprecedented levels of sloth.

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In the ever-expanding menu of high-tech kitchen appliances, there are already apps that signal when microwave popcorn is ready and steak on the grill is cooked medium-well — and don’t even require users to be in the room. Now the latest product to pick up steam is the iKettle, which can boil water and be a morning alarm clock all via an iPhone app.

While the iKettle can be controlled from any room, when used as a wake-up call, the app rouses users with a jolly, “Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No.” If they tap the “yes,” button, then the 1.8-liter, stainless steel kettle with a WiFi base will start boiling water while they muster the energy to get out of bed. The product also has a feature to keep the water warm. The whole set is available for pre-order now for about $160 on and is expected to be in stock during the last week of November.

But just because the app is a more convenient way to start heating up the water, doesn’t mean it will happen any faster. Remember, a watched kettle never boils.

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