Lazy Tea Drinkers Will Soon Be Able to Boil Water With Their iPhone

The Internet of Things is allowing us to reach unprecedented levels of sloth.

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In the ever-expanding menu of high-tech kitchen appliances, there are already apps that signal when microwave popcorn is ready and steak on the grill is cooked medium-well — and don’t even require users to be in the room. Now the latest product to pick up steam is the iKettle, which can boil water and be a morning alarm clock all via an iPhone app.

While the iKettle can be controlled from any room, when used as a wake-up call, the app rouses users with a jolly, “Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No.” If they tap the “yes,” button, then the 1.8-liter, stainless steel kettle with a WiFi base will start boiling water while they muster the energy to get out of bed. The product also has a feature to keep the water warm. The whole set is available for pre-order now for about $160 on and is expected to be in stock during the last week of November.

But just because the app is a more convenient way to start heating up the water, doesn’t mean it will happen any faster. Remember, a watched kettle never boils.

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Must be very gratifying for the people who work for peanuts all day and half the night to know that their work is of such importance.


It be rather pointless, as it isn't connect to a water supply and refill itself. 

Neither does the product page seem to say that it issues a warning when the water level is low.

I'd expect many walked to a boiled kettle with not a drop of water in it.