Anthony Hopkins Sent Bryan Cranston This Fanboy Email After Binge Watching Breaking Bad

Who doesn't love Breaking Bad?

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Silence of the Lambs

It was midnight in Malibu and Anthony Hopkins had just finished a marathon session of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

So what did the satisfied Academy Award winner decide to do? Reach out to his agent at UTA to get Bryan Cranston’s email in order to send him an incredible fan letter. Hopkins called Cranston “spectacular – absolutely stunning” and asks him to send his regards to other members of the cast.

Steven Michael Quezada, who played Gomez in the show, posted the letter on his Facebook.


Via Facebook: StevenMichael.Quezada

(Watch Bryan Cranston way before “Breaking Bad”)


It's a great fan letter, but Hopkins did fail to mention the real genius behind Breaking Bad- Vince Gilligan. Bryan Cranston was UNBELIEVABLY GREAT and was a major force in the show, but Gilligan created it and was its main influence.  


I've never seen this show but have always heard this was great.  If Sir Anthony Hopkins says you're a great actor, you're a great actor.  Bryan must be overwhelmed with this praise.  Good for him.


@StrawHatLuffy He did mention the writer. He said the writers, producers & everyone in production. Of course Gilligan created this brilliant piece of work but the letter was about Bryan Cranston's acting.