Confectioner Makes 230 Pound Peanut Butter Cup to Set World Record

Sound nuts? Not if it's for a good cause

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So. Much. Peanut butter.

Nick Monte, owner of the Village Chocolate Shoppe in Bennington, tried to set a Guinness World Record last week for the largest peanut butter cup, whipping up one that’s about five-feet wide and filled with 229-lbs of milk chocolate and peanut butter cream, WCAX-TV reports. A couple of days of prep were involved, but it only took an hour to make on scene.

While Monte says he is waiting to hear back from Guinness officials about whether the jumbo treat has set a record, he has already sold more than 500 pieces of it and helped raise more than $1,500 for Project Against Violent Encounters (PAVE), which aids survivors of domestic and sexual violence, in honor of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

At the very least, the stunt raised awareness about a sweet cause. Plus: 229 POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER. Doesn’t really get much better.

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