Customer Flips Out At 25-Cent Charge For Dipping Sauce

He got away on a purple bicycle

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Christian Petersen / Getty Images

A Seattle Jack In The Box customer flew into a rage and pushed an elderly man to the ground this week after being told that his third serving of ranch dipping sauce would cost an extra 25 cents.

The even crazier part of Monday’s dipping sauce debacle is that the violent act occurred after the fast food cashier relented to the screaming customer and gave him the extra sauce for free, the Associated Press reports. When the customer didn’t calm down, police said a 68-year-old man tried to bring calm to the situation.

Although there were no injuries, the customer got away from the scene on a purple bicycle after saying that he had a knife.

The Seattle Police Department, known for its snarky Twitter account, tweeted that the suspect is possibly headed towards Hidden Valley Ranch: