Maybe Don’t Do This: Man Arrested for Throwing a Parrot at Police

How do you even throw something that has wings?

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Ryan Evans

A Connecticut man was arrested for chucking a white parrot at a cop, according to a police report obtained by NBC News. Polly want a copper?

Police were called to the scene after receiving a report of a fight, but what they found was prettttty bizarre: a shirtless man was sprinting down the street with a parrot perched upon his arm. When police yelled at him to stop, he threw the bird at police, and–like any good accomplice would–the parrot attempted to protect its buddy by biting the officer’s finger as the man made his escape.

Police eventually caught up with the man and handed over the poor parrot to the local pound. The man has been charged with assault on a police officer and animal cruelty, among a host of other offenses. 

No word on whether the parrot was also charged with assault, but we suspect…fowl play. Haha bye.


Poor parrot is stuck at the pound , can anyone tell us which pound maybe we can find it a good forever home where it would not be thrown at a cop 


Well, that could have turned out better...