This Won’t Be Awkward: Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Writes Children’s Book Telling Kids to Get Off Facebook

Good luck at Thanksgiving?

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Dot. Book Cover
Dot. Book Cover

In what can only be interpreted as a highly uncomfortable familial move, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s sister is publishing a children’s book telling kids to put down their smartphones and tablets and sign off social media.

Randi, Randi, Randi.

The book, which goes on sale November 5th, is about a “spunky little girl” named Dot who “knows how to tap, to swipe and to share, and pays little attention to anything else…” Randi’s illustrated adventure teaches kids how much richer life is “when you look up from the screen.”

Parents can also buy their kids a plush Dot doll that comes with a stuffed tablet, the perfect projectile to toss at your parents when they refuse to look up from their own real tablets.


"Crowning name" is based more on one's point of view I would think. To me, after to listening to the guy live a couple times, the Z-Man is a total idiot who got really lucky. REALLY LUCKY! "Um, um, um...." -- ever actually listen to this overly rich man-child? He HAD TO steal the Facebook thing from "The Twins."