Anthony Weiner Blames Mayoral Race Loss on the Existence of the Internet

The disgraced mayoral candidate believes he might have been elected if it was 1995 instead of 2013

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Mario Tama / Getty Images

If it weren't for the internet, Anthony Weiner believes he would have won the Democratic mayoral primary.

Failed mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is the press again, and according to the ex-congressman turned sexting cautionary tale, his problems are largely the internet’s fault.

In the November issue of GQ, contributor Marshall Sella writes about his experience shadowing Weiner during his campaign for New York City Mayor. Focusing on the campaign’s final days, after revelations of continued text-message infidelities had all but crushed any hope of victory, Sella describes one moment in particular where Weiner pontificates on how everything could have gone so wrong. Why did such a talented politician torpedo a promising career by sending revealing pictures to strangers?

Wiener isn’t sure. “I have no desire to walk into a bar and pick up a woman. I love my wife,” he explains.  But then a thought dawns on the candidate. “And maybe if the Internet didn’t exist?” adds Weiner. “Like, if I was running in 1955? I’d probably get elected mayor.”

That’s right. If it weren’t for those meddling kids and that internet, maybe Weiner would be mayor right now. Or even President. It’s hard to tell, since history would probably be a lot different without the advent of high-speed communication, but anything is possible when we use our imaginations.


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