Ke$ha ‘Electrocutes’ Self by Grinding on Power Tool, Did Not Wake Up Next Day Feeling Like P. Diddy

What a shock.

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Ke$ha performs in London on December 14, 2010.

Neil Lupin / Redferns

When Ke$ha performs, sparks fly.

The singer likes to put on a good show for fans of her edgy pop tunes, which includes a stunt where she grinds the custom-made metal chastity belt she wears on stage with a handheld band saw causing sparks to shoot out. “It’s super dangerous… but it looks so cool and my fans are way into it,” the “Die Young” singer said in a recent interview. However, playing with electricity can be dangerous.

During one recent performance, Ke$ha was almost seriously injured during the show. “I wanted to take power tools and show sparks and magic,” she told Conan O’Brien during a stopover on his late night talk show yesterday. “Then at this one show, I was in Werchter, I got electrocuted while I was grinding on my vagina and it was super scary and intense, and people thought I was partying.”

Wonder if she now feels differently about dying young.

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