‘Til Indigestion Do Us Part: Couple Shares Romantic Wedding Dinner at Chili’s

How romantic

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It’s already the world’s most romantic date spot–what’s sexier than trying not to get spicy ranch sauce from your Big Mouth Burger on your face?–so we weren’t surprised to learn that one Louisiana couple decided to have their wedding dinner at a roadside Chili’s.

Newlyweds Rachel and Chris left their ceremony for a road trip to their honeymoon locale of Destin still dressed in their wedding attire. But on the way there, they hit awful traffic that delayed their arrival and caused them to scrap their original plans to take a romantic walk on the beach. So they did what we all do when we need cheering up after a tiring day: they went to Chili’s.

“We will always remember, with a laugh and smile, our wedding dinner, especially the thoughtful and gracious people working in your restaurant that night,” Chris wrote. “We are now Chili‚Äôs fans for life.”

Let’s just hope the bride didn’t get any baby back ribs on her white gown.