Cute Break: Just Two Dogs Playing Tetherball, No Big Deal

Tetherball is the new fetch.

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Looks like the tetherball playing bear just got some competition.

This mother-son team of Australian cattle dogs has the game of tetherball down, making crossys, ropies and double touchies all over the tetherball court, no hands required. While Doc, the son, had some serious moves, it was clear that he inherited his mom’s tetherball talent with both dogs catching air and winding the tetherball around the pole.

While the pair of pooches are seemingly skilled in the sport, the real winner of the game is the dogs’ owner, who can watch her energetic dogs entertain themselves without having to get her hands dirty or spend hours throwing a ball only to have it returned minutes later covered in drool. Now she just needs to teach the dogs how to operate a can opener and open the refrigerator.

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