Man Steals 255-Pound Pumpkin… Then Returns It

Boy gets his pumpkin back. Now his mother has to spend the next two weeks baking pumpkin pies.

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It’s hard enough to make a quick getaway with a pumpkin that weighs as much as an offensive lineman. Secretly returning said pumpkin is an even greater feat.

A Pennsylvania boy who correctly guessed the weight of a massive pumpkin at an Oktoberfest celebration had his pumpkin stolen after the competition. But the pumpkin was returned to the boys’ front porch on Sunday with a note of apology that read, “I’m really sorry about taking your pumpkin. It was wrong of me. You earned the pumpkin. I didn’t think my actions through nor realize who they were affecting. Sincerest apologies,” the York Dispatch reports.

Nine-year-old Jaiden Newcomer of York, Pa., checked the pumpkin for a crescent moon mark to make sure it was the same one that he had won. It was.

After the pumpkin was stolen, several nurseries offered to replace Jaiden’s pumpkin. Jaiden has asked his mother to make pumpkin pies out of the extra pumpkin the family now has and donate them to charity.

A nice gesture in theory, but baking 255 pounds worth of pumpkin pies? Now that’s a scary Halloween.

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