You Have to Play a Board Game Before You Can Get a Driver’s License in Sierra Leone

This way you don't have to read any manuals!

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Diane Labombarbe / Getty Images

In the good old days, all you had to do to get a driver’s license was, you know, prove that you could drive. But now, at least in Sierra Leone, you have to play a board game before you can even take the licensing test.

The game is called “The Drivers’ Way” and requires players to roll stoplight-themed dice and move models of classic cars around a board, Reuters reports. They must also answer questions about the country’s road laws, traffic signs and so on.

The game costs 60,000 Leones, or about $14. Wannabe-drivers have to pay for it themselves, and then play it at least once before they can come in for their test.

“Most crashes here are a result of ignorance of the highway code,” the game’s creator, Morie Lenghor, told Reuters. “And most drivers don’t even understand half the road signs.”

She added that since most young people hate reading, she thought she’d try putting the important traffic laws into a format more “attractive” to them. Why not just Snapchat them driving rules then?

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How incredibly inconsiderate.  Snapchat??  In a country that an overwhelming percentage- something like 80%- of people live on less than $2 a day, smartphones are out of reach.  Also, due to incredibly high illiteracy rates, the board game is a perfect fit.  It isn't just that young people hate reading, a majority of them simply cannot read.

When I lived in Sierra Leone I saw one too many traffic accidents due to people not following the laws.  The images of watching people lay dying in front of me still are burned in my memory.

You article is disgraceful and smells of privileged naive ignorance.