Here’s the New Song From “What Does The Fox Say” Duo Ylvis

Bay State residents will appreciate this

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After dressing up in furry costumes and singing “What Does the Fox Say?” the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis took the next logical step and released a new song on YouTube called…”Massachusetts”? Around the 2:40 mark, Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker seem to launch into an existential debate about something most Massachusetts toddlers encounter when they’re learning to talk: how to pronounce the name of the state. Does one say…



“Or ‘mass-achoose’ like the ‘mass’ in ‘mass produce’ but without ‘produce'”?

Similarly, English rock band The Bee Gees wrote a song about “homesickness” called “Massachusetts” even though they had never been there because “they just liked how it rolled off Robin [Gibb]’s tongue,” according to Rolling Stone.

That said, if Massachusetts residents like Ylvis’s take, then they should speak up because some pols introduced bills earlier this year to make the state rock song either Modern Lovers’s “Roadrunner” or Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

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