Grace Kelly’s Childhood Home Is Now Filled With Cats

The woman living in the starlet's former home is being investigated for animal cruelty

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William Andrew / Getty Images

Though she played the love interest of a cat burglar in To Catch a Thief, something tells us Grace Kelly wouldn’t like the 15 cats that have taken over her childhood home.

The former house of the Hollywood icon and Princess of Monaco (who died in 1982) is now the subject of a cat-hoarding investigation, the Associated Press reports. Officials from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said on Thursday that they went into the home after receiving a complaint on their hotline. Along with the 15 live cats, they found several dead ones, too.

The 81-year-old current homeowner has reportedly lived in the house since 1973 and is now being investigated for animal cruelty.