ICYMI: Patrick Stewart’s Lobster Costume Battles Matt Lauer’s Baywatch Reinterpretation

This week's best of bizarre.

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Every Friday we round up some of our favorite stories we didn’t get a chance to cover throughout the week and publish them in one neat little post. Think of it as our gift to you, only it’s not really free because you’re repaying us in likes and shares. No… thank YOU.

Matt Lauer shows off his classic Baywatch slow-motion run.

While Matt Lauer might think that his Halloween recreation of Pamela Anderson’s slow motion running lifeguard persona won this year’s unofficial celebrity costume contest …

He clearly didn’t know Sir Patrick Stewart was going as a lobster.

Ronan Farrow didn’t show the Twitterverse if his costume concept came to life.

Inanimate objects got into the Halloween spirit, too. Oreo got particularly creative on Vine. (Mashable)

Of course, Halloween wasn’t the only thing going on this week. The glorious David Attenborough decided to narrate Miley Cyrus’ VMA twerking performance. It has never sounded more classy. (io9)

Family Guy decided to recreate its own royal baby christening shoot, swapping Prince George with Stewie … although he refused to wear a dress. (People)

Oh and there’s a new great cat video starring comedic duo Maru and Hana. (Jezebel)

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