The Tesla Nod: A Subtle Way to Acknowledge Fellow Tools

Sir, I too am a person with too much money.

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Are you a rich Silicon Valley brogrammer who enjoys bonding with other rich Silicon Valley brogrammers over similarities such as “owning an obscenely expensive car?” Do you love driving an environmentally friendly vehicle but think hybrids are for poors? Purchase a Roadster or a Model S and you can become part of the elite club of Tesla owners who nod at each other in public as a way of acknowledging their mutual lack of self-awareness.

Join the Tesla family by dropping over $60,000 on a power symbol that’s bound to last a lifetime–or at least until self-driving cars hit the market.


At least M. Musk is using his $ to PRODUCE and employ people.

Unlike many fat cats who just salivate adding their $. M. Musk put his out working.


Tesla is one of the best companies in America right now and they manufacture the highest rated car ever. The author of this article should go back to her fluff journalism and leave respectable companies in peace.

Moreover, Tesla has plans to begin producing a more consumer friendly model by 2016 that will compete with junk 'line filler' hybrids like the Prius and Volt.


What's the point of this brief foray into Tesla-bashing?

Nobody was more skeptical than me that the "S" would ever see the light of production day. I have been repeatedly and continuously impressed, however, by the successes, both small and large, of this company in its mission to bring this vehicle to market. 

My best, and most recent, impression, came when I got to go over a friend's newly-acquired Model "S" with a fine-toothed comb, prior to a fifteen-minute ride through San Francisco's Russian Hill/Cow Hollow neighborhoods. The build quality and detailing, fit and finish, are virtually flawless. Performance is on a par with my Jaguar XJ8L. There are enough unique yet practical features to satisfy the most demanding of luxo- and techno-philes.

60K is midrange BMW territory. Few cars are as cliché and overrated than BMW, considering their price!

 If I was in the market for a new car, the Tesla would be my choice, hands-down.