World’s Worst Hit-and-Run Attempt Is Like Real-Life Grand Theft Auto

That is some terrible driving.

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When the driver of an SUV rear-ended a Chicago cab and declined to stop and share his insurance info, the cabby took matters into his own hands. And of course a nearby resident filmed the whole thing.

Brandishing a nightstick, the cab driver attempts to block the path of the SUV, who executes a series of graceless maneuvers reminiscent of the world’s least experienced Grand Theft Auto player. By 1:45 of the video, both drivers have had enough: the cabby swings his nightstick at the driver’s window, and the SUV hits multiple cars in its attempt to escape.

According to DNAInfo, the SUV was stolen, which explains the driver’s reluctance to stop and hand over his information. He’s now in custody, but only after racking up $3,000 in damage to the cab alone.