New Game Encourages You to Make Sweet, Sweet Love to Your iPad

"A simple game of touch, pleasure and joy."

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Luxuria Superbia

The iPad is an elegant gadget, all rounded edges and smooth, glossy surfaces. You treat it like a close friend, bringing it with you on long trips and even falling asleep with it nestled on the pillow next to you. Now a new game for sale in the Apple store encourages you to take your love for your iPad a step further by sensuously stroking, caressing and tickling it until it reaches its pleasure peak and you are thrown into a new level.

Luxuria Superbia is beautifully trippy, full of floral imagery and language–“grip my petals,” it implores–that lull players into a hypnotic trance as they learn how to manipulate the game just the way it likes. Luxuria blurs the line between man and machine as messages on the screen say, “Touch me” and “Make me dizzy.” In short, the game is ripped from the dreams of Apple fanboys, encouraging you to make sweet, sweet love to your iPad.

As Slate puts it:

Luxuria Superbia might make your friends giggle if you put it on the table for them to touch during a party; it might make your cheeks a little hot if you play it alone. Intentionally or otherwise, though, it manages to subvert the concept of “consumer technology”—here, your luxurious, expensive device is a lover who wants to know why you always take, take, take.

Though Luxuria Superbia isn’t overtly sexual and is rated 12+ in the app store, its hints–“Pollenate me,” for instance–aren’t exactly subtle. As its creators told The Verge, “It simply mimics the structure of the bedroom game to create a pleasant experience with abstract shapes.”