‘Pregnant Teen’ Good Samaritan Let Live With Him Turns Out to Be Non-Pregnant Adult Man

Lesson, learned.

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A good Samaritan was just trying to do the right thing when he invited a pregnant friend of his daughter’s to stay at his home. Guess he never saw the movie Orphan.

Turns out that the “pregnant friend” was an adult male who robbed the good Samaritan, stealing checks and using one to purchase $859 worth of stereo equipment at the Walmart in York, NE. He was also caught on video returning the equipment for cash back.

“This pregnant young woman needed a place to stay and he agreed to let her stay there while he was gone,” said York County Attorney Candace Dick speaking to the Omaha World Herald. “When he returned home, he kicked her out when he said other people had been living there, too. Later, he found out that the pregnant woman was a man.”

The man turned out to be Bradlee Pratt, 20, a repeat offender with a juvenile record and a history of drug use. He was convicted of second degree forgery and felony failure to appear, after he skipped town before a jury trial in August. He was sentenced to 15-45 months in lock up. No word on whether the good Samaritan will ever learn to trust again.

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