This The Price Is Right Contestant Really Wigged Out

Can you blame her?

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After hosting The Price is Right for years, one would think Drew Carey had seen everything. After all, winners on the show have jumped for joy, fist bumped, chest bumped, tackled, kissed, hugged and everything in between, but when a contestant tore off her wig and swung it in the air like a rally towel, Carey couldn’t stop laughing.

Contestant Aliayah, a law enforcement worker from Sacremento, CA, took to The Price is Right stage in a t-shirt that read “Carey’s Chocolate Chicks” so it was clear that she was in it to win it from the get go. She was so excited after winning that she tore off her wig and started pumping it like a pompom before regaining her composure, putting her wig back on and smoothing her “hair.” It was too late for Carey, though, who couldn’t stop laughing and George, the show’s announcer, who couldn’t stop making puns.

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