JFK Conspiracy Theories: There’s an App for That

History buffs and conspiracy theorists can visit the grassy knoll on their iPhones

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The Grassy Knoll App
Scenic Media LLC

History buff? Get ready to geek out. The Grassy Knoll Report iPhone app, released Friday ahead of the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, gives users an interactive look at the historic day he was shot in Dallas. You to scroll through historical research, a timeline, photos and GPS-enabled maps surrounding the history of the JFK assassination — and all the juicy conspiracy theories.

Yes, this exists.

Check it out.

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Pretty obvious that it was a Soviet two-man hit team likely tasked by Khrushchev.   One of the team scored a police uniform from Jack Ruby by way of the "LHO" party -- Ruby later killed said "party" because he'd been unwittingly duped in to aiding a presidential assassination.  

So it's November 22, 1963, Dallas -- the "LHO" party is in the depository building, other man in police uniform is on the grass, rifle in hand like he's doing something seemingly official for the presidential proceedings.  Both shoot Kennedy in a crossfire and go their separate ways to presumably rendezvous with Soviet handlers for their later extrication from the US.  

The "LHO" party gets nabbed, though.  Even if Ruby hadn't shot him, the "LHO" party would have likely ended up dead in his cell -- an apparent suicide by his own hand or by his new custodians

If The Administration, FBI had gone nuts over the assassination, US would potentially ended up in a nuclear war over the death of one man.   So they understandably "sit" on the matter and allow VP Johnson takes office and look for other ways to get even.

In signing off on this assassination, Khrushchev obviously over-stepped even if he was looking for payback after the Missile Crisis and other more off-the-radar affairs the US was involved in vs the Soviets.  So The Party showed him the door in October, 1964 -- less than one year after the Kennedy's death.  

Sorry kids, there's no spooky story with JFK's death -- his death was, in all likelihood, merely a product of US/Soviet relations at the time.  The phone apps, the Hollywood are all distractions.