You Oughta Know: “Jagged Little Pill” Is Becoming a Broadway Musical

No, we aren't being ironic. It's really happening.

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Michael Buckner / Getty Images

In 100% non-ironic news, Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, the album that shaped most millennial girls’ adolescence, is getting turned into a Broadway musical.

This is even better than the Britney Spears/Jesus musical, in which the new testament is retold to the tune of “Baby One More Time.”

Morissette is working with American Idiot composer Tom Kitt on the concept. Workshops are set to begin in 2014, and we have SO MANY QUESTIONS:

  • How will 10,000 spoons be incorporated into the set design?
  • Are knives banned from the prop list?
  • Should dancers require contortionist training for authentic Head Over Feet choreography?
  • Will David Coulier play David Coulier?
  • If not… might we suggest Brian Baumgartner,Kevin from The Office, as a casting option?