Whiskey and Cigars Are This 107-Year-Old Veteran’s Secrets to a Long Life

5 secrets to long life from one of the oldest veterans.

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Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

Richard Overton, 107-year-old WWII veteran, listens during a Veterans Day ceremony attended by President Barack Obama, commemorating Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2013, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.

President Barack Obama honored 107-year-old Richard Overton, one of the oldest World War II veterans in the U.S., during a Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery this morning. The former member of the Army’s Aviation Engineer Battalion also had breakfast with the commander-in-chief and others who served in the military.

But what’s the Austin, Texas, resident’s secret to living a long life?

- Whiskey in morning coffee or club soda. “It keeps your muscles tender,” he told FOX News.

- Cigars, up to 12 a day. He received a box of 12 during a ceremony in Austin last week.

Aspirin, also taken daily.

Yard work: trim trees, take care of the horses, clean the driveways.

- “Staying out of trouble,” he told The Houston Chronicle.

Add those five tidbits to other supercentenarians’ longevity secrets like bacon, Hog’s Head Cheese, mackerel sushi, and sun-bathing.

(h/t The Huffington Post)

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