Live Sharks Are Guarding the Xbox One Ahead of Launch

Bill Gates, meet Dr. Evil.

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Jeff Rotman / Getty Images

Whitetip reef sharks (Triaenodon obesus) following scent trail

Would you risk life and limb by diving into a tank filled with live sharks to play the new Xbox One? Maybe.

To call the launch of the new Microsoft videogame console highly anticipated is an understatement. Microsoft has planned launch parties across the globe —two days before its chief competitor, the PlayStation 4, hits store shelves—  including celebrations in New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, São Paulo, Toronto, and Sydney to introduce its new game station. The festivities, which reportedly include an influx of zombies, supercars and Roman soldiers invading Times Square, will be streamed around the world via Xbox Live and broadcast on Spike TV. Plus, 10,000 retail locations in 13 countries will open their doors at midnight on November 22nd, to start selling the Xbox One.

The very first console, though, will be handed over to a lucky fan at midnight on the evening of November 21st in New Zealand, which will be the first country to launch the Xbox One thanks to its proximity to the International Date Line. Since the world’s very first official Xbox One console is a hot commodity, it needs to be protected from thieves and insidious reverse engineers. What better way to do that than by sticking it in a waterproof chest and dropping into a tank filled with sharks?

While the sharks don’t have laser beams attached to their heads, if someone was to attempt to snatch the game station, they would have to dive into a tank filled with 20 tiger sharks at the SEA LIFE Aquarium in Auckland, NZ and make it to the surface before getting nipped by one of the tank’s inhabitants. It’s an adventure worthy of a gamer and, if someone was able to pull of the heist, it would make a better story than the guy who was accidentally shipped a console two weeks early by Target.

The sharks will guard their treasure for a week, before its official release. Until then, they will smoke you on Call of Duty 4.

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You sound like a bratty child, going on every thread bashing the Xbox One because its not what you bought. Who still goes on rants about what other people buy? People shouldn't have to defend their purchases everywhere because you think you might've made the wrong choice and want to feel better about it.

Fact is, it doesn't matter. They're both pretty much the same except for brand and exclusives. Sadly to say ADULTS who WORK don't argue about such mediocre BS. 

I bought both, picked up my PS4 last night. Took almost an hour to get to the menu while waiting for "updates" to INSTALL. Not download. Then when i finally got on, I played a few games for only an hour and a half before I got bored, and went back to Xbox 360. 

There is no superior. You're just trying to enforce your decision on what you asked your mother for for christmas.


Actually, the highly anticipated console launches in about 5 hours.


I really hate these hokey marketing gimmicks thinly disguised as news


Clearly Microsoft is "jumping the shark" on XBoxOne hardsell against the PS4 launch. :)