Ford Asks Rob Ford to Stay Away from Company Logo

Asks mayor to not "go further."

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Mark Blinch / Reuters

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford talks during council at City Hall in Toronto, November 13, 2013.

Ford, the American auto company, is peeved that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has admitted to smoking crack cocaine and purchasing illegal drugs while in office, reportedly signed “Ford Nation” t-shirts emblazoned with the car’s blue oval logo at a United Way charity event earlier this week.

“Ford did not grant permission for use of its logo,” Jay Cooney, a Ford spokesman, told Bloomberg News. “We view it as an unauthorized use of our trademark and have asked it to be stopped.”

Supporters, however, can still buy hot dogs, burgers, and bobble heads on eBay named after the mayor, while the Toronto City Council  passed a non-binding motion Wednesday, urging him to step down and get help.

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