Leave Work Early Today Thanks to This Handy Fake Computer Virus

Just make sure you let IT in on the joke.

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Jamie Grill / Getty Images

Itching for a way to sneak out of work a bit early today? Say hello to Happy Hour Virus, a handy little site that will simulate a major technological meltdown, theoretically giving you an excuse to just be like, “Sorry guys, my computer is totally on the fritz. Can’t do any more work. I’m out.” And with that, you can skip off to happy hour to drink away your remaining problems.

You even get choices, so you can personalize your fake virus. For Mac users: kernel panic. For PC users: the Blue Screen of Death. For anyone: a simple broken monitor. Boom. Work day finished.

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This site is actually part of a marketing push from a Colorado-based ad agency called TDA_Boulder, Gizmodo reports. Either way, this could be a decent way to trick your co-workers into believing you really can’t accomplish any more work. It probably helps if you’re friends with your office’s IT team, though. They’ll easily see that this is a total sham as soon as they try that age-old trick, turning it off and on again.