Kmart Bell Choir Performs “Jingle Bells” in Boxers

New ad hits below the belt (in the literal sense of the phrase)

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First NBA players performed “Jingle Bells” by sinking three-pointers. Now, in “Show Your Joe,” a new Kmart spot advertising Joe Boxer, a bell choir performs the carol by… just watch…

Between the viral “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings” commercials, the retailer sure loves wordplay about bottoms.

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This one of the most discussing commercial I have seen in years.  That is as sexually  ad as beer,clothing and liquor, what is this teaching our children, that everything revolves around being sexually active.  Must be because now we have to explain why the men on your ad are ringing without the bells.     SHAME ON YOU & JOE BOXERS.  I will not shop at any store affiliated with your organization ever.  You have just ended up on my boycott list right along with Walmart.  Myself and many other Americans have taken this attitude because of the hungry Americans that still exist because we lost our jobs & the jobs of our young to other countries.                          THANKS FOR JUMPING ON MY  " NO SHOP"  LIST.    LET'S ALL GO MOM & POP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!