Girls Demolish Pink Stuff In This Inspiring Video Encouraging Engineering

Whatever, barbie

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Guess what, universe? Girls like inventing things and singing Beastie Boys songs better than playing with princesses. Check out this amazing GoldieBlox video to see all the cool stuff you can do with pink toys, like make a Rube Goldberg machine instead of a magical kingdom. GoldieBlox, a company that makes toys designed to get girls interested in engineering, is led by engineer Debbie Sterling.

Whatever, Barbie.


This is a couple of days past the news cycle, but worth examining. Goldieblox took a Beastie Boys song and used it in a commercial without paying, then had the chutzpah to preemptively sue the Beasties (asking the court to rule that their theft was "fair use.") They managed to portray this as striking a blow for girls' liberation and against sexism, conveniently ignoring the fact that the ORIGINAL was a parody of sexism. Then by promoting news of the lawsuit they managed to get the interazzi to believe it was the Beastie Boys who sued them! All in all, a fantastic stunt that got them millions in publicity at a low cost but damaged both the Beastie's reputation (yeah, buncha sexist pigs) and their ability to license the song in the future.

I bring this up because this is a manipulation of a liberal value I agree with: girls should not be stereotyped. And yet all the good liberals who jumped on the bandwagon (You go girls! Amazing video! Whatever, Barbie) ought to look at how they were taken.