Russia Will Raise Vodka Prices Because Drunk People Keep Dying

Vodka will be 30% more expensive by August

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Vodka prices in Russia are going up next year as authorities look to reduce alcohol consumption.

Prices on the cheapest available vodka will rise 16 percent on Jan. 1 and 30 percent on Aug. 1, the Moscow Times reports. Surveys have shown that alcoholism contributes to at least 30 percent of deaths in Russia.

The government has been slowly raising the minimum prices on vodka and brandy since 2010, with small increases each year.


The underlying cause of these high mortality rates is the amount of acetaldehyde being produced by the liver with such high quantities of vodka consumed. Its the acetaldehyde that causes liver damage and oral cancers, amongst other things, not the alcohol itself.

The only product known to reduce acetaldehyde is Alcotox. It also massively prevents hangovers. I never drink without it. My 2 cents.


And the price increase will stop alcoholism -- hmmmm, I don't think so.  We will soon be having people robbed in Russia, so the alcoholic can buy a bottle of vodka!  How about treatment, I know it's a novel idea but someone has got to try it.