A Candy That Prevents Tooth Decay? Your Dentist Will Be Shocked

Good news for sweet tooths everywhere.

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These teeth don't have veneers on them...as far as we know

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Dreams do come true: scientists have created candy that is actually good for your teeth, robbing parents everywhere of their number-one excuse for taking your Halloween bounty all for themselves.

The Berlin-based biotech firm Organobalance have developed a candy that contains the bacteria Lactobacillus paracasei, which has been found to reduce cavities in lab rats. Scientists with Organobalance tested the candy out on two groups: one given candy with the bacteria and a control group given a placebo candy without it.

When the experiment ended, the subjects in the first group were found to have reduced cavity-causing bacteria, presumably  reducing their chances of becoming yuck mouths.

The research is published in the scholarly journal Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins, but probably doesn’t mean there will be Jolly Ranchers or Reese’s sold next to toothbrushes anytime soon. Ugh, the dentists always win.



Is this candy actually tasty? I'm all for eating candy if it helps my teeth. It's just that most candies are terrible for your teeth. However, if it tastes nasty, then that defeats the point of eating candy. http://www.laserdentalvic.com.au/about 


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