These People Will Act Out Your Sexts For Just $80 and a Lifetime of Shame

And upload them to YouTube

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“hi baby whatsup”

“i wish u were here”

“me too, wat are u wearing?”

“oh sorry i meant to send that to my cat”

Whether you’re too lazy to hop the subway or are wrapped up in a long distance relationship, sexting is a crucial part of many modern relationships. But to give good sext, you have to be willing to banish embarrassment and say what you really mean–which is precisely why the idea of having your sexts acted out and uploaded to YouTube is just about the most terrifying thought ever.

“Send Me Your Sexts” is a new film project from Eileen Yaghoobian, where for an $80 fee she will record high-quality video of actors performing your dirtiest, grossest, most mortifying sexts:

I’m Eileen, a filmmaker and artist who’s convinced that your dirty messages should be my next script. So I decided to create a service that turns your real sexts into on screen action. Think your phone could inspire a good web series? Ever wanted to be a screenwriter? You already are… but only if you’re brave enough to send me your sexts. It can be anonymous, but it still takes some moxie.

We’re sure your sexts are a work of art, but probably not performance art.


This language is so wrong. As part of an undergrad project, I recently spoke with a former sex worker. I learned many things, not the least of which, that society badly needs to change in how it treats sex workers. This language which shames sex workers needs to be banished. They would love to come out of the shadows and live normal above-board lives, which just happen to include jobs that serve people in ways that few can speak about freely without bringing either shame or crude comments into the situation. Frankly, the blurb from the filmmaker, herself, could be worded differently. Rather than focusing on how customers can contact her if they are unusually brave, she should use intriguing and empowering language. That's just good salesmanship, but, more importantly, it's also more respectful to customers and employees. 

This mini tirade may cause some to assume that I myself use the services of sex workers or that it has some personal meaning to me. I assure you that is not the case. I am actually quite conservative sexually, but that is beside the point. I have seen the importance of advocating for those who need it, and, as I have found out recently, sex workers need advocacy as badly as anyone. 


I can always tell which articles are yours bb.


I should add that the fact that I feel it is important to say that the issue of sex work is not personal to me is a sad sign of our culture that it is shameful to be associated with such things. The fundamental thing that should happen here is that we should be able to have normal conversations about sex as about anything else. And in one sense, this issue is personal to me because it deals with how some people would feel treated unkindly. That should be a personal issue for everyone, whether or not they approve of the work or entertainment choices an individual makes. 


@Melodiousjoy No offense, but...whaaat?  Where in the article were sex workers even mentioned once?  I'm sure you're very passionate, if a little kooky, about your issue, but you gotta find the right venue to stand on your soapbox. :P